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This is a 18+ text based RPG for now... but in the future, it will become a Visual Novel most likely.


You're an alchemist who finally can buy a slave for sex. That's all! The story will be about the everyday life of the two of you. You can choose between 4 salves. A little cute goblin girl, a purple skinned elf girl, a blond cowgirl with big breast, and a trap bunny boy. 

For now, you can only chose goblin girl, but I currently work on elf. 

Game mechanics

It's a life simulator like Princess maker 2 . You can do things in and out of the bad with your slave, manage your shop, do researches, and grow your social links with other characters. Most evet gives you freedom chose between multiple-choice and those choices really matter.


Currently, you can find several sex scenes with your slave and other girls you can meet by evets. For example, a slime girl that you can nipple fuck or a catgirl name Trix who loves to give you blowjobs and work in the prostitute district.  If we got enough subscribers for the juicy scenes we will get juice images too.

The game has a subscribestar page if you like the game consider to support it there or other places i link below:




The first 10 subscribers can request a girl with a sex scene who will be available at the prostitute district.


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hello, i love the game and everything you've done, i do have a question though, are there actually any scenes yet with images in the game? because i've been playing for around 30 minutes and i've just seen all black screens the whole time and the gallery still only has the same 4 images that it came with, is this intentional and (to re-say) are there any images that i have yet to find?

I happy to hear that you liked the game.Those are the only ones at the moment, but I got an artist to work with, I just need money to pay him. The moment I got enough found in any way, pictures will be implemented into the game. The artist name is MR.32 he do the image curently on the game page, those are his desing of the slaves. Again sorry about the lack of visual yet, but hopefully it will change in the near future.

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Good morning Marc,

I've just started playing the game and I love it so far! I noticed that when working with Livora she refers to me with the name I gave to the Goblin, not the name I gave to the protagonist.

I also noticed that the message to go meet with Katarina included the name Gilda, I assume it was meant to reference the Goblin's name. 

Do you want feedback on your english translations in addition to any "bugs" I find?

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Sadly not everything is perfect yet and thanks for the feedback.

 Any help is welcomed.

I thank you in advance.

Just now fix the thing you find, in the next build it will be how it should.


Hi. How enable English language? I'm not a polyglot) P.S. Sorry about the grammar, English is not my native language

Hello, thanks for your question, seems like i missed a character in my program code. I uploaded a new version what you need to download. In this version you can chose your langauge at the beggining of the game. Thanks for noticing and reporting this issue, youre a real hero in my eyes. Also, dont afraid about your english i understanded perfectly what you asked. BTW i not a native english speaker too so dont be afraid of saying anything.

Thanks for fast update)

A quick little fan art about our little cute goblin girl Gilda made by MR. 32

check out the subscribestar page: https://subscribestar.adult/the-alchemist-and-the-slave

The current poll about the slaves: https://linkto.run/p/KCORN8DD

The poll ended with the victory of goblin girl.